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But while today the repression targets militants or groups identified with the antifa movement, this is because the so-called ‘ cort ège de tê te ’ is not, in fact, a social explosion that comes from nowhere. It also results from the encounter between different collective paths of resistance, some of which have been forged in the struggles of the Paris-region youth over recent years.

If today autonomous anti-fascism is on the stand of the accused, this is because in recent years we have seen ways of organising and living the city collectively develop in the Paris region, behind – or around – this label: a style, an aesthetic, slogans that we did indeed find within the cort ège de tê te , among other places. This antifa geneaology of the cort ège de tê te is obviously not the genealogy of the cort ège de tê te , but it does correspond to one of the collective journeys that have criss-crossed one another, borne some influence and been transcended within the so-called cort ège de tê te .

For the purposes of being a little clearer with regard to what I am talking about when I speak of the antifa militant journey that preceded the movement against the Labour Law, I am going to list some of the sequences that I consider important.

– One foundational sequence took place in the late 2000s and early 2010s. This was the war of the Parisian terraces at the Parc des Princes [5] , which opposed a terrace of white and nationalist ultras to a terrace that defined itself as ‘cosmopolitan and proud’ [6] . The radicalisation – around the question of racism – of part of the youth animating these terraces developed in parallel to a repressive policy implemented by the Paris Saint-Germain club’s management, which resulted in the dissolution of all the ultra groups and their being banned from the stadium. This was in the same context that we saw – in both central streets and on the margins of militant assembles – the increasing appearance not only of people linked to the Boulogne terrace – which has always had links with far-right militancy – but also people coming from the Virage Auteuil, on the anti-fascist side. This phenomenon significantly renewed the Paris anti-fascist movement by developing an aesthetic and ways of taking the streets that we would later also discover in the cort ège de tê te .

– Subsequently, another foundational moment was the death of Clément Méric, and the mobilisations that followed [7] . This personal and collective trauma, which I will not dwell on here, was combined with the need to embrace a national-level political identity, faced with an unprecedented wave of calumnies for which the antifa movement – which had been rather accustomed to countercultural forms of self-identification – was not prepared. Faced with this, we had to try and re-establish the truth, to state that Clément was killed because he was an anti-fascist, and to continue to animate and renew the struggles that were his struggles, in full autonomy, in the present and the future. It was in this context that the Italian slogan ‘ siamo tutti antifascisti ’ (‘we are all anti-fascist’) spread in France. It was widely adopted in the mobilisation against the Labour Law and police violence.

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Qin, Lu-shan; Zhao, Hai-ping; Zhao, Yan-ling; Ma, Zhi-jiel; Zeng, Ling-na; Zhang, Ya-ming; Zhang, Ping; Yan, Dan; Bai, Zhao-fang; Li, Yue; Hao, Qing-xiu; Zhao, Kui-jun; Wang, Jia-bo; Xiao, Xiao-he

To compare the bidirectional effect of rhubarb total anthraquinone (TA) and total tannins (TT) on rats ' liver . One hundred rats were randomly divided into 10 groups, i.e., the blank group, the model group, the blank + high dose TA group, the blank +low dose TA group, the blank + high dose TT group, the blank + low dose TT group, the model + high dose TA group, the model + low dose TA group, the model +high dose TT group, and the model + low dose TT group, 10 in each group. The carbon tetrachloride (CCI4) was used to prepare the acute liver injury rat model. TA and TT of rhubarb (at 5.40 g crude drugs/kg and 14.69 g crude drugs/kg) were intragastrically administrated to rats in all groups except the blank group and the model group, once daily for 6 successive days.The general state of rats , biochemical indices such as alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), laminin (LN), hyaluronic acid (HA), transforming growth factor beta1 (TGF-beta1), as well pathological results of rat liver tissues. Finally the protection laws of TA and TT for rats ' liver were analyzed using factor analysis. Compared with the blank control group, all biochemical indices increased in the blank group (P < 0.05, P < 0.01). HA also increased in the blank + high dose TA group; AST, ALT, and HA also increased in the blank +high dose TT group (P < 0.05). Compared with the model group, AST, ALT, ALP, HA, and TGF-beta1 significantly decreased in the model + low dose TA group, the model + high dose TA group, the model + low dose TT group (P < 0.05, P < 0.01). Serum AST, ALT, and ALP also decreased in the model + high dose TT group (P < 0.05, P < 0.01). Pathological results showed that mild swollen liver cells in the model + high dose TA group. Fatty degeneration and fragmental necrosis around the central veins occurred in the blank + high dose TA group. The pathological injury was inproved in the model +low dose TA group. Two common factors, liver

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Hansen, M K; Taishi, P; Chen, Z; Krueger, J M


intake affects gut-immune function and can provide a strong intestinal antigen challenge resulting in activation of host defense mechanisms in the digestive system. Previously, we showed that feeding rats a cafeteria diet increases non-rapid eye movement sleep by a subdiaphragmatic mechanism. Food intake and sleep regulation and the immune system share the regulatory molecule interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta). Thus this study examined the effects of a cafeteria diet on IL-1beta mRNA and IL-1 receptor accessory protein (IL-1RAP) mRNA expression in rat liver and brain. Rats were fed normal rat chow or a palatable diet consisting of bread, chocolate, and shortbread cookies (cafeteria diet). After 3 days, midway between the light period of the light-dark cycle, rats were killed by decapitation. Feeding rats a cafeteria diet resulted in increased IL-1beta mRNA expression in the liver and hypothalamus compared with rats fed only the normal rat chow. In addition, cafeteria feeding decreased IL-1RAP mRNA levels in the liver and brain stem. These results indicate that feeding has direct effects on cytokine production and together with other data suggest that the increased sleep that accompanies increased feeding may be the result of increased brain IL-1beta. These results further suggest that cytokine-to-brain communication may be important in normal physiological conditions, such as feeding, as well as being important during inflammatory responses.

Sir Peter Paul Rubens,, c. 1614,oil on panel, Andrew W. Mellon Fund 1963.8.1

Wax Seal of the House of Liechtenstein. Courtesy National Gallery of Art Curatorial Records

Joos van Cleve, , probably 1518,oil on panel, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund 1962.9.1

Joos van Cleve,, probably 1518,oil on panel, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund 1962.9.2

Fig. 5

Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Free Shipping Latest Collections Clearance Professional Isabel Marant Sebay Suede Ankle Boots Best Wholesale Sale Online Fashionable Cheap Online DUNz9yem6
probably 1616, oil on hardboard, transferred from wood and canvas, Samuel H. Kress Collection 1957.14.2

The house of Liechtenstein, so dubbed because of the light stone (, or limestone) of the castle at its original family seat near Vienna, achieved princely status in the early 17th century. Its territory was consolidated around the Duchy of Vaduz in the early 18th century, but the family continued to occupy its primary residence near Vienna until close to the outbreak of World War II, when it relocated to Vaduz. At that time the princely art collection, already of great renown, was moved as well.

Although Prince Karl I (1569–1627) had begun to assemble paintings, jewels, metalwork, and objets d’art, the more influential early collector in the family was his son , who devoted most of his time to the arts. It was Prince Karl Eusebius who acquired the first painting by ,, for the collection, which to this day features a particularly strong holding of works by this artist. In 1693, Prince Karl Eusebius’s son, , acquired Rubens’s cycle of eight paintings depicting the life of the Roman consul Decius Mus, then believed to have been painted by Van Dyck. The cycle was originally created around 1617 as cartoons for tapestries that were produced in several editions. The National Gallery of Art owns a small oil sketch of the first work in the series,(), that Rubens produced as a model for the life-size cartoons in Liechtenstein.

Although paintings were regularly bought for and sold from the Princely Collections throughout the centuries, the reasons for these transactions are myriad, and didn’t always have to do with individual preference or changing tastes. By the end of World War II, the family had lost a large amount of its fortune. The art collection was one of the few remaining liquid assets that could be used to rebuild financial stability. The family made the difficult but necessary decision to sell and several other important paintings, including Rubens’s() acquired in 1963 by the National Gallery of Art.

It is unclear when or how originally made its way into the house of Liechtenstein, but the work was a part of the collection by 1733, based on a red wax seal on the reverse (. This same seal appears on the reverse of a pair of portraits by of () and his wife, (), establishing these paintings as part of the set up by , which stipulated that the art collection and property in Vienna would belong to the reigning princes of the house of Liechtenstein in succession. In 1733 applied red wax seals bearing the arms of Liechtenstein to all paintings that were part of the Fideikomissgalerie.

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Orazio Gentileschi, , c. 1612/1620, oil on canvas, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund 1962.8.1

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Francis, Ben; Clarke, Joanna I; Walker, Lauren E; Brillant, Nathalie; Jorgensen, Andrea L; Park, B Kevin; Pirmohamed, Munir; Antoine, Daniel J


The potential of mechanistic biomarkers to improve the prediction of drug-induced liver injury (DILI) and hepatic regeneration is widely acknowledged. We sought to determine reference intervals for new biomarkers of DILI and regeneration as well as to characterize their natural variability and impact of diurnal variation. Serum samples from 200 healthy volunteers were recruited as part of a cross sectional study; of these, 50 subjects had weekly serial sampling over 3 weeks, while 24 had intensive blood sampling over a 24h period. Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), MicroRNA-122 (miR-122), high mobility group box-1 (HMGB1), total keratin-18 (FL-K18), caspase cleaved keratin-18 (cc-K18), glutamate dehydrogenase (GLDH) and colony stimulating factor-1 (CSF-1) were assessed by validated assays. Reference intervals were established for each biomarker based on the 97.5% quantile (90% CI) following the assessment of fixed effects in univariate and multivariable models (ALT 50 (41-50) U/l, miR-122 3548 (2912-4321) copies/µl, HMGB1 2.3 (2.2-2.4) ng/ml, FL-K18 475 (456-488) U/l, cc-K18 272 (256-291) U/l, GLDH 27 (26-30) U/l and CSF-1 2.4 (2.3-2.9) ng/ml). There was a small but significant intra-individual time random effect detected but no significant impact of diurnal variation was observed, with the exception of GLDH. Reference intervals for novel DILI biomarkers have been described for the first time. An upper limit of a reference range might represent the most appropriate method to utilize these data. Regulatory authorities have published letters of support encouraging further qualification of leading candidate biomarkers. These data can now be used to interpret data from exploratory clinical DILI studies and to assist their further qualification. Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) has a big impact on patient health and the development of new medicines. Unfortunately, currently used blood-based tests to assess liver injury and recovery suffer from insufficiencies. Newer blood

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Klink, T; Simon, P; Knopp, C; Ittrich, H; Fischer, L; Adam, G; Koops, A


To assess liver remnant volume regeneration and maintenance, and complications in the long-time follow-up of donors after living donor liver transplantation using CT and MRI. 47 donors with a mean age of 33.5 years who donated liver tissue for transplantation and who were available for follow-up imaging were included in this retrospective study. Contrast-enhanced CT and MR studies were acquired for routine follow-up. Two observers evaluated pre- and postoperative images regarding anatomy and pathological findings. Volumes were manually measured on contrast-enhanced images in the portal venous phase, and potential postoperative complications were documented. Pre- and postoperative liver volumes were compared for evaluating liver remnant regeneration . 47 preoperative and 89 follow-up studies covered a period of 22.4 months (range: 1 - 84). After right liver lobe (RLL) donation, the mean liver remnant volume was 522.0 ml (± 144.0; 36.1 %; n = 18), after left lateral section (LLS) donation 1,121.7 ml (± 212.8; 79.9 %; n = 24), and after left liver lobe (LLL) donation 1,181.5 ml (± 279.5; 72.0 %; n = 5). Twelve months after donation, the liver remnant volume were 87.3 % (RLL; ± 11.8; n = 11), 95.0 % (LS; ± 11.6; n = 18), and 80.1 % (LLL; ± 2.0; n = 2 LLL) of the preoperative total liver volume. Rapid initial regeneration and maintenance at 80 % of the preoperative liver volume were observed over the total follow-up period.  Minor postoperative complications were found early in 4 patients. No severe or late complications or mortality occurred. Rapid regeneration of liver remnant volumes in all donors and volume maintenance over the long-term follow-up period of up to 84 months without severe or late complications are important observations for assessing the safety of LDLT donors. Liver remnant volumes of LDLT donors rapidly regenerated after donation and volumes were maintained over the long

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