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            About Us

            Our story


            Our Mission

            TREND Specialist aims to be the leader in construction industry; to be recognized and trusted as the
            only name that is synonymous to performance excellence and customer satisfaction

            TREND Specialist is committed in catering to the premium market needs

            Our Stories

            Founded in 1994, it started as an import business for food condiments, bringing juices and food products from Canada. The business quickly changed with the owner’s own interest
            in architecture. This served as the motivation in finding the best quality product, newest innovations and best value for our clients.

            Our Approach

            TREND SPECIALIST takes pride in providing its clients the best quality products and dedication and utmost care to ts clients, delivering efficient services committed to the highest regard to
            customer satisfaction.

            Our Philosophy

            We are people on a mission- to be the frontrunner in each of our respective industries by providing only the best quality, service and trust for the products we provide. We strive for leadership by taking our products further through development and marketing.

            We love to hear from you on our customer service and merchandise. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

            Tel: (632) 8254 9841/ (632) 8256 2845
            Mobile: 0919 085 3266